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What do others have to say about Perfectly Pearl?

"These Pearls Would Make the Perfect Gift"

"Why do I love them? I love the simplicity and ease of throwing on a Gastby strand and feeling insta glam. Pearls come in a variety of colors and these layered pink styles are so beautiful." - Victoria Galindo, Glitzy & Glossy

"Pearls Will Always Be A Girl’s Best Friend"

"The older I got, I feel like I have fallen more & more in love with pearl necklaces, and even though I don’t wear them out all that much, they are still one of my favorite staple accessory pieces...What I personally love about the Perfectly Pearl brand, is that the pearls are actually cultured by a pearl farmer who then creates each jewelry piece carefully by hand and sends the finished products directly to Perfectly Pearl. They do that for quality assurance, but to also cut out the many steps that fine jewelry can journey through which only increases the price, not the quality." - Chiffon Souffle



"Southern Gals Love Pearls"

"I was delighted when my daughter introduced me to Perfectly Pearl, a company founded by a young entrepreneur. When my daughter ordered a necklace, I was not only impressed by the quality and beauty, but also by the pricing and customer service she told me about." - Our Southern Home Blog, RRB