Steal the Look - Jackie O's Famous Pearls

"Pearls are Always Appropriate." -Words so wisely said by the beautiful Jackie. She was such a style icon and still influences fashion decades past her time in the spotlight. One of my favorite Jackie looks was her seemingly signature triple strand pearl necklace. The pearls were effortlessly chic and the necklace went with so many of her iconic outfits.

The triple strand pearl necklace is one of my personal favorites as well from the Perfectly Pearl necklace shop. You can get your own Jackie inspired freshwater pearl necklace linked below.


Embrace Feminine Beauty and Pops of Color This Spring

I, like most people, can NOT wait for spring to finally arrive. With new fun trends to try from the bold shoulder to flirty feminine details and bold colors, there is so much to embrace about Spring.

One of my favorite looks this season is combining a bold pop of color with a delicate feminine look to keep your outfit, fresh and fun while keeping a romantic essence to your style.

One of my favorite pearl necklaces to complete this style is the white opera length pearl necklace with jade bead accents. The simple style is taken up a notch with the bold green color pops and can be a versatile accessory for so many key spring looks this season! 


It's Fall Y'all!

The weather is cooler, the leaves are changing and there is pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING. It's one of my favorite times of year - fall!

Fall is the time to bust out your cool weather staples - your statement coats, boots, and cozy sweaters - to embrace the crisp weather and prepare for the holidays!

Get the Look: Maroon fitted sweater; Gold metallic skirt; Black felt loafers; Leopard faux fur statement coat; Touch of Chocolate Pearl Necklace

What's your favorite look for fall? Comment below! 


Summer Style Inspiration

Summer is here! Time to bust out those long lost sundresses, sandals, and shorts that have been yearned for all winter long. Summer is time to drink on rooftops, embrace your inner outdoorsman (a glass of rose in the park counts) and have fun with your style as you take on the heat. My favorite trend this summer is denim! Maybe its my Texan roots showing, maybe it's my love of all things 90s, but blue jeans will always have a prominent place in my heart and I am so excited to see denim EVERYWHERE now.

Trying the denim trend doesn't mean rocking a Canadian tuxedo or feeling like your about to ride off into the desert sunset on your faithful steed. You can take denim from the country to the city streets and beyond with today's modern take on a classic style staple by pairing it with a variety of contrasting materials.

Get the Look

Outfit: Denim off the shoulder top, printed yellow boho maxi skirt, brown strappy block heel sandals, retro inspired shades

Jewelry: Perfectly Pearl white pearl stud earrings and Perfectly Pearl long white pearl vintage rope necklace.

Trunk Show Success!

Perfectly Pearl held a spring trunk show in San Angelo, TX this weekend.

With some fun snacks and beverages and plenty of never before seen items, we had so much fun showing our pearls to our guests!

We even had a surprise raffle for attendees where the winner took home a free necklace!

Sunday fun was had by all. Thank you to all who came!


Are you interested in hosting a Perfectly Pearl trunk show? Hosting a show is an easy and fun way to earn some money and become a part of the Perfectly Pearl family!

Contact for more information. 


Love is All You Need

Too many women, myself included, get caught up in the stress and pressure of living up to an unrealistic expectation of "perfection" - physical and otherwise. Valentine's Day can easily draw that out as you either stress about making it the perfect day if you're in a relationship, or you stress about feeling left out if you are not.

One of my favorite qualities about pearls is that they are unchanged when they are sold as fine jewelry. Other stones and gems need to be cut or polished or altered to bring out the most beautiful aspects, but pearls are found beautiful just as they are. They are a great reminder for myself, and all of us women that we too are beautiful just as is, and we need to love ourselves accordingly.

So this Valentine's Day, no matter who you are celebrating with, be sure to remember that YOU are LOVED by so many people, so don't forget to show some love to yourself as well! 

Valentines Day outfit inspo below.

Earrings: Perfectly Pearl ($20) - Top: Etsy - Skirt: Lulus - Shoes: Lulus


It Began When I Was Told to "Get a Real Job."

I was 17 at the time. I came from a household of over-achievers and a family of poster children for the hard working Texan. I was clearly at risk for failure (according to my father) for never having a "real" job other than temp summer-time work at my dad's office. My dad's expectations were clear, as he rarely minces words - I would get a real job, or he would find me a real job. I grew up on a small farm complete with horse stables and plenty of hard labor, so the job he would find did not strike me as the ideal choice. We began to brainstorm, and inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit - creating my own job was what I landed on.

I was blessed with two hard working parents, a father who started his own business in his early 20's and a mother who refused to believe women couldn't have it all. They inspired me to pursue what seemed impossible, and to believe that only I can truly determine what I was or was not capable of achieving.

I had always had the travel bug growing up. I loved my small town, but also loved to explore the world and learn about new far-away places. This was inherit as well, as my parents loved to explore the world, and my siblings and I were lucky to be able to tag along on many of their adventures. My dad had just begun traveling to China for his business and had noticed that he saw vendors selling pearls everywhere he looked. He brought back a few necklaces as souvenirs for the girls in the family, and it became clear to me: this is the job I wanted to create.

As a family, we went back to China after I graduated high school. Along with seeing the sights, my mission was to find a supplier and bring back as many pearls as I could fit in my suitcase. I was successful in my hunt, and that summer my business was in full swing. My approach was to utilize the great community we lived in- which personifies the great small town qualities of neighborly love and support. My sales strategy included utilizing "pearl parties" where invitees would come shop at a neighbor's home while chatting with friends and enjoying light snacks. I continued this approach throughout the summer and through my tenure at Texas A&M University. This was always fun and allowed me to grow and learn, but as I moved to Dallas after graduation, I knew I wanted to expand and take the business to the next level. That's where, per usual, my best friend Bailey stepped in to help.

Bailey and I - Best friends since the 4th grade. Always making each other laugh, some things will never change!

Bailey and I - Best friends since the 4th grade. Always making each other laugh, some things will never change!

Bailey is a tech guru with a shared passion for creating a business of her own and a knack for all things computer related. We've been friends since the 4th grade and this entrepreneurial spirit was one of many things we have in common. We both love fashion and style, but Bailey is the one who is always ahead of the trends. While catching up one day on a drive to complete our scuba diving certifications (more stories to come there) we started discussing our long-term dreams and career ambitions. It soon became clear that we would make the perfect team- I had the base of the business along with the marketing experience, and she had the tech knowledge and development skills to create amazing websites and tools. We decided to team up to take Perfectly Pearl into the digital age (finally!).

Our mission is to create a brand with beautiful and unique products, beginning with pearls but expanding far beyond as we grow to provide affordable jewelry and accessories that are on trend, unique, and represent our distinct styles.

**A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us get here - especially my parents who encouraged me to think outside the box, defy expectations, and jump head first into a challenge even as a crazy 17 year old.**

Much more to come! Stay tuned...


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