Happy Birthday June Babies! (Rock Your Birthstone Proudly)

We've all heard of birstones, and I personally love how it gives an extra special defining quality one can claim and special meaning behind each birthstone assigned to its month.

For June, the birthstone is the pearl. Pearls have embraced meanings from wealth, natural beauty, sincerity, class - so lucky you, June babies! Pearl jewerly certainly does give a heir of sophitistication even with modern designs. There are even legends I've read of women wearing pearls throughout to help channel their focus, purity, and natural strength. Additionally pearls have been attributed to have healing powers back in ancient times! That is a powerful pearl right there..

While Perfectly Pearl can't and won't promise healing properties, we can assure you that any pearls from us will live up to their natural beauty, class, and timeless elegance for all June birthday girls - and even the rest of us who love to borrow their birthstone for our own :).