Pearls Are A Bride's Best Friend

While I am very used to seeing Southern brides rock pearl strands for their big day growing up in Texas - I have been seeing more and more brides from all over embrace this classic trend.

Pearls are a classic jewelry staple. They are understated yet elegant, luxurious yet classic, and they often embrace or represent an heirloom quality of pearl necklaces passed down for generations of brides.

These are reason enough to wear pearls for your wedding day, but did you also know that freshwater pearls have many mythical properties that legends over time have associated pearls with good fortune? Pearls were seen as gifts from the gods according to Greek mythology and were believed to give wisdom, good fortune, and promote marital bliss to the wearer.  Combine that with how fabulous a freshwater pearl jewelry set looks on any bride or bridal party, and I can see why they are the go to bridal accessory!