Sneaky Sea Shell Pearls.. Watch Out!

As I have been looking into new designers and new products, I've stumbled upon a pearl jewelry classification called "sea shell pearls." While these sound an even some look like they real thing - be warned, they are definitely not.

Sea shell pearls are made via a synthetic process where a bead is dipped in a solution invluding crushed mother of pearl and dyes and polished between layers until they are made into the target size.

These are often still priced similarly to freshwater pearls and other natural high quality pearl jewelry types, which is INSANE to me as they are merely creating a look alike to a pearl - not a real pearl at all.

At Perfectly Pearl, we only (and will only) sell REAL freshwater pearl jewelry formed naturally through the culturing process. Where each milimeter of pearl diameter difference takes months to grow, and the quality remains preserved.

Sea shell pearls are hard to spot, so check your sources carefully when pearl jewelry shopping!



Perfectly Pearl

Perfectly Pearl LLC, New York, NY