Love is All You Need

Too many women, myself included, get caught up in the stress and pressure of living up to an unrealistic expectation of "perfection" - physical and otherwise. Valentine's Day can easily draw that out as you either stress about making it the perfect day if you're in a relationship, or you stress about feeling left out if you are not.

One of my favorite qualities about pearls is that they are unchanged when they are sold as fine jewelry. Other stones and gems need to be cut or polished or altered to bring out the most beautiful aspects, but pearls are found beautiful just as they are. They are a great reminder for myself, and all of us women that we too are beautiful just as is, and we need to love ourselves accordingly.

So this Valentine's Day, no matter who you are celebrating with, be sure to remember that YOU are LOVED by so many people, so don't forget to show some love to yourself as well! 

Valentines Day outfit inspo below.

Earrings: Perfectly Pearl ($20) - Top: Etsy - Skirt: Lulus - Shoes: Lulus