Gifting Season is Still in Swing! Share the Love this Valentine's Day

Gifting Season is Still in Swing! Share the Love this Valentine's Day

I love the holidays. Christmas, of course, but also Valentine's Day. it makes a fun break in the winter blues to celebrate love! Love for a partner, best friends, family, and more can be expressed and shared and cherished.

Artists & Fleas & PEARLS for Halloween!

Artists & Fleas & PEARLS for Halloween!

This Halloween weekend, Perfectly Pearl participated in a wonderful local market space in Brooklyn, NY. This space, called Artists & Fleas features artisans and shops all locally owned in the Brooklyn and New York City area creating a fun Bazaar-like space for shoppers to come spend the day supporting local businesses and shopping small while finding unique items and gifts. 

Summer May Be Over but Not the Summer Fun!

I am an avid lover of the fall and all of the wonderful seasonal fun - pumpkin spiced everything, changing leaves, and cozy fall fashion. With this said, it is always bittersweet to leave summer behind. One silver lining, is fun transitional style! It's time to bring out black and white pearls to layer with summer favorites of baby pearls and pastel styles. Wear your pearls with your sweater style, layering and denim favorites.

Pearls Are A Bride's Best Friend

Pearls Are A Bride's Best Friend

While I am very used to seeing Southern brides rock pearl strands for their big day growing up in Texas - I have been seeing more and more brides from all over embrace this classic trend.

Pearls are a classic jewelry staple. They are understated yet elegant, luxurious yet classic, and they often embrace or represent an heirloom quality of pearl necklaces passed down for generations of brides.

Happy Birthday June Babies! (Rock Your Birthstone Proudly)

We've all heard of birstones, and I personally love how it gives an extra special defining quality one can claim and special meaning behind each birthstone assigned to its month.

For June, the birthstone is the pearl. Pearls have embraced meanings from wealth, natural beauty, sincerity, class - so lucky you, June babies! Pearl jewerly certainly does give a heir of sophitistication even with modern designs. There are even legends I've read of women wearing pearls throughout to help channel their focus, purity, and natural strength. Additionally pearls have been attributed to have healing powers back in ancient times! That is a powerful pearl right there..

While Perfectly Pearl can't and won't promise healing properties, we can assure you that any pearls from us will live up to their natural beauty, class, and timeless elegance for all June birthday girls - and even the rest of us who love to borrow their birthstone for our own :).



Steal the Look - Jackie O's Famous Pearls

"Pearls are Always Appropriate." -Words so wisely said by the beautiful Jackie. She was such a style icon and still influences fashion decades past her time in the spotlight. One of my favorite Jackie looks was her seemingly signature triple strand pearl necklace. The pearls were effortlessly chic and the necklace went with so many of her iconic outfits.

The triple strand pearl necklace is one of my personal favorites as well from the Perfectly Pearl necklace shop. You can get your own Jackie inspired freshwater pearl necklace linked below.


Sneaky Sea Shell Pearls.. Watch Out!

As I have been looking into new designers and new products, I've stumbled upon a pearl jewelry classification called "sea shell pearls." While these sound an even some look like they real thing - be warned, they are definitely not.

Sea shell pearls are made via a synthetic process where a bead is dipped in a solution invluding crushed mother of pearl and dyes and polished between layers until they are made into the target size.

These are often still priced similarly to freshwater pearls and other natural high quality pearl jewelry types, which is INSANE to me as they are merely creating a look alike to a pearl - not a real pearl at all.

At Perfectly Pearl, we only (and will only) sell REAL freshwater pearl jewelry formed naturally through the culturing process. Where each milimeter of pearl diameter difference takes months to grow, and the quality remains preserved.

Sea shell pearls are hard to spot, so check your sources carefully when pearl jewelry shopping!